Branding: The “Why No iWatch?” Discussion Continues

October 10, 2014

Tweet The conversation around “Why no iWatch?” continues—was it a trademark issue or a strategic branding choice? One factor cited in the debate is Swatch’s ownership of several trademarks for iSwatch, yet Apple had already registered iWatch trademarks in Japan, Mexico, Turkey, and several other countries. Apple began using the “I” in 1998 when it […]

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New Study Shows Brands Impact Religious Commitment

October 8, 2014

Tweet Your worship of Porsches or Hermès scarves may indicate that you’re less likely to be spending much time in an actual house of worship. Apparently the more importance you place on brand names, the less likely it is you’ll have a strong commitment to religion. Or, as Pacific Standard put it: “It seems if […]

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Unexpected Impact of iPhone 6 Launch on Fashion Brands

October 6, 2014

Tweet Now that all of the Fashion Weeks – New York, London, Milan, and Paris – are over, what’s the latest news from fashion brands? Well, it’s a collision of fashion and technology … and it’s happening in the pockets of jeans, resulting in some unhappy new iPhone 6 buyers. When Apple launched its new […]

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NgTLD Update: World Trademark Review Looks At Top New TLDs

October 3, 2014

Tweet Highlights: Our readers will be particularly interested to learn that the World Trademark Review (WTR) has revealed the results of its recent research into brand-hijacking habits in new gTLDs. The results show that within the top two generic TLDs, .XYZ and .CLUB, over half of the 70 brand names WTR looked at (taken from […]

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Tesco Not Ready to Give Up Trademark Fight for Blue Dashes

October 2, 2014

Tweet Tesco, the world’s second-largest retailer, filed an appeal with the U.K. Intellectual Property Office (IPO), asking that its decision to not allow the company to register the blue dashes under its logo as a trademark be overturned, according to the Marketing website. The supermarket chain’s attempt to trademark the blue dashes in its logo […]

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Content Ownership Is a Major Issue Behind Big Brands’ Shift Away From Facebook

September 30, 2014

Tweet The issue of content and data ownership is pushing brands away from Facebook and on to their own microsites and other social media channels, writes Adweek. You may have noticed that some companies are posting less original content on Facebook, while featuring more reposted content from other social media sites. Brands have already seen […]

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Cartier Attempting to Block Websites In Trademark Infringement Case

September 29, 2014

Tweet Luxury retailer Cartier is seeking an injunction in the U.K. High Court of Justice against Internet service providers (ISPs) it claims are infringing on the company’s trademarked logos in counterfeit sales activity. It’s been reported that this is the first case where a company has demanded that websites be blocked over the use of […]

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Most Googled Brand Name List Has a Few Surprises

September 25, 2014

Tweet You might not be surprised that the most Googled brand name in Kentucky is KFC, but could you ever have anticipated that the most Googled brand in New Jersey is … wait for it … Hellman’s Mayonnaise? Some regional connections in the Most Googled List make perfect sense: Disney is tops in Florida (thanks […]

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The Explorers Club/Diageo Trademark Dispute Ends With a Sponsorship and Licensing Agreement

September 24, 2014

Tweet An ongoing trademark dispute between Diageo and The Explorers Club over the Johnnie Walker Explorers’ Club whisky collection has come to an end with a sponsorship and licensing agreement announced between the two parties. According to The Explorers Club website, the agreement “ensures the continued protection of the history, tradition, and strength of The […]

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“Starwars House” — That’s an Interesting Name

September 22, 2014

Tweet While reading Fast Company’s article about the “Starwars House,” which was designed by Korean architecture firm Moon Hoon, we paused to say “interesting brand name.” Over the past couple of months there’s been a lot written about this so-called “starwars” house in design publications with most of them stating that the building was “inspired by […]

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