Cartier Attempting to Block Websites In Trademark Infringement Case

September 29, 2014

Tweet Luxury retailer Cartier is seeking an injunction in the U.K. High Court of Justice against Internet service providers (ISPs) it claims are infringing on the company’s trademarked logos in counterfeit sales activity. It’s been reported that this is the first case where a company has demanded that websites be blocked over the use of […]

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Most Googled Brand Name List Has a Few Surprises

September 25, 2014

Tweet You might not be surprised that the most Googled brand name in Kentucky is KFC, but could you ever have anticipated that the most Googled brand in New Jersey is … wait for it … Hellman’s Mayonnaise? Some regional connections in the Most Googled List make perfect sense: Disney is tops in Florida (thanks […]

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The Explorers Club/Diageo Trademark Dispute Ends With a Sponsorship and Licensing Agreement

September 24, 2014

Tweet An ongoing trademark dispute between Diageo and The Explorers Club over the Johnnie Walker Explorers’ Club whisky collection has come to an end with a sponsorship and licensing agreement announced between the two parties. According to The Explorers Club website, the agreement “ensures the continued protection of the history, tradition, and strength of The […]

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“Starwars House” — That’s an Interesting Name

September 22, 2014

Tweet While reading Fast Company’s article about the “Starwars House,” which was designed by Korean architecture firm Moon Hoon, we paused to say “interesting brand name.” Over the past couple of months there’s been a lot written about this so-called “starwars” house in design publications with most of them stating that the building was “inspired by […]

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New gTLD Update: .PARIS, .PIZZA, And .OOO

September 17, 2014

Tweet Highlights:  This week, we see the launch of: One new Rightside ‘Regulated’ TLD (.ENGINEER) The geoTLD .PARIS, with TMCH-validated trademarks now having first priority during launch Two new TLDs for the Galician linguistic and cultural community (.GAL) and Basque (Euskara) language  community (.EUS) Four new Donuts TLDs (.PIZZA, .IMMO, .BUSINESS and .NETWORK) .OOO  Furthermore, […]

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Hiker Logo Spurs Brewery Trademark Infringement Suit

September 17, 2014

Tweet You’ve probably heard the proverb: “Speak softly and carry a big stick.” Well, two American breweries use logos featuring a hiker carrying a big stick and one has raised its voice in the form of a trademark infringement suit. Vermont’s Long Trail Brewing Co.’s logo features a hiker carrying a backpack and a stick: […]

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New TLD Update: Navigating Somebody Else’s Gold Rush

September 16, 2014

Tweet New gTLDs—The Challenge for IP Professionals ICANN’s announcement that it would expand the Internet with thousands of new Top-Level Domains was accompanied by a burst of hype: a new Gold Rush will dawn. Entrepreneurs lined up to make their fortunes. But the hype was met with a mixed reaction from IP professionals responsible for […]

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Update on Taylor Swift “Lucky 13” Trademark Infringement Lawsuit

September 15, 2014

Tweet Back in May, clothing company Blue Sphere Inc., which does business as Lucky 13, sued singer Taylor Swift for trademark infringement over the use of “Lucky 13.” Thirteen happens to be the singer’s lucky number: she was born on December 13, uses the number in her Twitter account name (@taylorswift13), and in the past […]

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Wine in a Paint Can Sparks Trademark Infringement Suit

September 11, 2014

Tweet Packaging wine in a paint can sounds pretty original, doesn’t it? Pennsylvania-based Paradocx Vineyard has been selling wine in a paint can since 2007 and owns patents on the can design and trademarks for two of its clever brand names: Pail Pink and Whitewash. The vineyard was surprised to find out that the McCann […]

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Twitter Hashtag Trademarks: #whatsthedeal

September 10, 2014

Tweet Dez Bryant, a wide receiver for the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys, filed a trademark application last month for his Twitter hashtag, #ThrowUpTheX. For those who haven’t seen Bryant celebrate when he scores a touchdown, he throws his arms up in the shape of an “X.” His trademark filing with the USPTO is in International Class […]

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