.London Domain Name Registration Prompts Playboy Enterprises Legal Action

November 5, 2014

Tweet A British property developer who secured the domain name www.playboy.london says the publishers of Playboy magazine have contacted him demanding the website address be transferred to them or face legal action. A Playboy Enterprises spokesperson told the London Evening Standard: “While we will not comment on this specific action, Playboy actively enforces rights to […]

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MasterCard Opposing “Masters” Credit Card Trademark Filing

November 3, 2014

Tweet The MasterCard credit card company has filed an opposition against a trademark application by Australian hardware store Masters Home Improvement, which had applied to use the name “Masters” on its store credit cards. Masters Home Improvement is a joint venture created by Australian retailer Woolworths and American hardware store chain, Lowe’s. This isn’t Woolworths […]

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Saks Fifth Avenue Abandons Legal Action Against Parody Brand

October 31, 2014

Tweet After its launch this past summer, organic pet snack company Snaks 5th Avenchew received a cease-and-desist letter from the Saks Fifth Avenue department store threatening legal action over its name, according to the New York Daily News. An attorney for Snaks 5th Avenchew fired back at Saks that fair use “recognizes that parody marks […]

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NgTLD Update: TLD Launches Keep A Steady Pace, & ICANN Allows One- & Two-Letter Domains

October 29, 2014

Tweet Highlights Following a recent decision of the ICANN Board of Directors, new gTLD registries will soon be able to release all two-character domains, which were initially reserved due to the potential for confusion with two-letter country code domains (ccTLDs), e.g., .US). This is good news for dot-brand applicants that may want to run “regional” […]

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The Rise of “Brand Ebola”

October 28, 2014

Tweet As the Ebola virus continues to dominate newscasts, marketing efforts to capitalize on the deadly virus through sales of protective equipment, fraudulent cures, and random Ebola-branded products are on the rise. Brandchannel points out the plethora of Ebola-named products, from sexy Ebola Nurse costumes for Halloween to a dietary supplement called Ebola-C. In China, there’s […]

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Lucasfilm Opposes Brewery’s “Strikes Bock” Beer

October 27, 2014

Tweet Would you think that Empire Strikes Bock beer is an official Star Wars product? Disney’s Lucasfilm, in a notice of opposition filed with the USPTO, thinks it will likely cause confusion and has demanded that Empire Brewing Company stop using the name. In addition to the Star Wars-inspired name, the Syracuse-NY based brewery used the phrase, “May […]

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Court Rules Against Trademark Claim Over Food Flavor

October 24, 2014

Tweet A Texas judge ruled this week that the flavor of Russo’s New York Pizzeria’s pizza was not entitled to trademark protection. Russo’s had sued another restaurant, Gina’s Italian Kitchen, for trademark infringement, claiming it had copied the taste of its food, using its recipes, suppliers, and allegedly hacked documents. Judge Gregg Costa dismissed the […]

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Trademark Fight Over “Eau Rouge” Pits Race Track Against Carmaker

October 23, 2014

Tweet Automaker Nissan’s effort to trademark the name of its concept car, the “Eau Rouge,” has caused some consternation on the auto racing circuit. “Eau Rouge” happens to be the name of one of Formula One racing’s most famous turns at Belgium’s Spa-Francorchamps circuit. Nissan’s U.S. trademark application in International Class 12 (automobiles) will be […]

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Millennials Want Brands to Be Their Friends

October 20, 2014

Tweet Way back in 2010, we wrote about a study that showed that Millennials didn’t feel particularly strongly about … anything. At that time, they didn’t have much love or hate for any particular brands. Apparently that’s changed because a new study shows they’re now feeling strong connections to brands, especially those that listen to them […]

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Don Henley Sues Clothing Retailer Over Use Of Name and Song Title

October 17, 2014

Tweet The music world’s Don Henley, a founding member of the Eagles, is suing Duluth Trading Company, a Wisconsin-based clothing company for trademark infringement and false advertising over its use of the phrase: “Don a Henley and Take it easy.” Take a look at the ad: This case seems to easily lend itself to a […]

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