Protecting Your Brands in Latin America: An Interview With Mariano Municoy

April 2, 2014

Tweet We talked recently to Mariano Municoy, IP attorney at the law firm Moeller IP Advisors in Argentina, about the challenges brand owners face in Latin America. Municoy pointed out that just like other regions of the world, the use of social media is growing in Latin America. However, most Latin American countries are first-to-file [...]

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‘Cut The Rope’ Developer Contests Plan To Trademark “Candy”

March 31, 2014

Tweet Shortly after Candy Crush developer King abandoned efforts to trademark the word “candy” in the United States, deciding to retain rights for the word in Europe only after receiving negative feedback from developers and gamers, the company is facing pressure regarding this move from rival ZeptoLab. In a press release, the studio behind the [...]

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Spin-Off Brands Gain Momentum

March 28, 2014

Tweet Spin-off brands have been gaining popularity recently and have proven to be very successful at boosting brand awareness and improving revenues across a range of product categories. Last week, women’s clothing retailer Ann Inc. announced the launch of its third label, Lou & Grey, as an addition to its current brand portfolio, which already [...]

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The Latest NgTLD Updates from Corsearch

March 27, 2014

Tweet New gTLDs Launched Famous Four Media Sunrises (.TRADE and .WEBCAM) Registry operator Famous Four Media has announced that it will launch the next of its TLDs, .TRADE and .WEBCAM, at the same time as .BID, as follows: Sunrise Opens Sunrise Closes Sunrise Type General Availability 31-Mar-14 30-May-14 End Date Sunrise (not first come, first served) 09-Jun-14 During the [...]

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Honey Smoked Fish Files Lawsuit Against Einstein Noah

March 26, 2014

Tweet Colorado-based Honey Smoked Fish Company has taken legal action against Einstein Noah Restaurant Group, Inc. for making a profit from its trademark by serving up “Honey Smoked Salmon” sandwiches at its bagel restaurants. In a press release, the company said it had filed a lawsuit in Colorado District Court, alleging that Einstein Noah is [...]

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Brand Trends For 2014

March 25, 2014

Tweet Each year brings fresh trends and new ideas that challenge brands to think differently about how they engage with consumers – and 2014 is no exception. Here are some of Forbes’ predictions for the trends likely to impact the world of brands and the main things to look for this year: Wearable Tech Wearable [...]

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U.S. Company Files Trademark Application For “Flappy” Name

March 24, 2014

Tweet Flappy Bird, a game released in 2013 that was recently removed from the iOS and Android app stores, may be unable to return to online stores because a California company, Ultimate Arcade, Inc., has filed a trademark application for the word “Flappy.” Notifications from the Apple legal team have been received by a number [...]

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New gTLDs May Disrupt Trademark Protection Strategies

March 21, 2014

Tweet The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) is concerned that the launch of new generic top-level domains (gTLDs) will force many companies to revisit their policies regarding online trademark protection, as they will need to reassess their priorities concerning registration and security, the agency said on its website. WIPO announced that last year it received [...]

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The Latest NgTLD Updates

March 19, 2014

Tweet New gTLDs Launched Donuts Sunrises Registry operator Donuts has announced details of its next NgTLDs to launch into Sunrise on 25 March 2014 as follows: New gTLD Sunrise Opens Sunrise Closes Early Access Program (EAP) Day 1 General Availability .TIENDA 25-Mar-14 24-May-14 28-May-14 04-Jun-14 .CONDOS .PROPERTIES .MAISON The following Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) are available for [...]

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Katz’s Delicatessen Sues Katz & Dogz For Stealing Name

March 18, 2014

Tweet New York’s renowned eatery Katz’s Delicatessen has taken a local chain of food trucks trading under the name Katz & Dogz to court for using its trademark without permission. Although the restaurant-on-wheels insists that by using the Katz’s brand, it’s only seeking to pay “tribute” to the 126-year-old restaurant, the famous eatery filed a [...]

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