Twitter Hashtag Trademarks: #whatsthedeal

September 10, 2014

Tweet Dez Bryant, a wide receiver for the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys, filed a trademark application last month for his Twitter hashtag, #ThrowUpTheX. For those who haven’t seen Bryant celebrate when he scores a touchdown, he throws his arms up in the shape of an “X.” His trademark filing with the USPTO is in International Class […]

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Twitpic Shutting Down Over Trademark Dispute With Twitter

September 9, 2014

Tweet On September 25, photo-sharing website Twitpic will shut its doors. In a blog post published on September 4, company founder Noah Everett wrote: “Unfortunately we do not have the resources to fend off a large company like Twitter to maintain our mark which we believe wholeheartedly is rightfully ours. Therefore, we have decided to […]

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NgTLD Update: .XYZ In The Lead, .MARKET, .WALES, & More

September 4, 2014

Tweet Highlights This week we see the launch of: Two new Rightside ‘Regulated’ TLDs (.MARKET and .MORTGAGE) Five new Uniregistry Sunrises (.CLICK, .HOSTING, .PROPERTY, .DIET, and .HELP) New georaphic TLDs .WALES and .CYMRU (Proud Welshpersons take note: general availability starts March 1, the day of St. David, patron saint of Wales!) .QUEBEC .BZH for the […]

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It’s New York Fashion Week: Let’s Look at Fashion Trademarks

September 3, 2014

Tweet Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week starts tomorrow in New York City so we thought it was time to take a look at recent fashion trademark stories. First up is designer Roberto Cavalli, who is being sued for copyright infringement and violations of the Lanham Act by three graffiti artists who claim their work was used in […]

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The ALS Association Withdraws “Ice Bucket Challenge” Trademark Applications

September 2, 2014

Tweet What a difference a day makes! Just as the media picked up the story that The ALS Association (ALS) had filed trademark applications for its wildly popular “Ice Bucket Challenge,” the association announced the withdrawal of the applications the following day. Here’s the August 29th announcement on the ALS Facebook page: “We’ve received several […]

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Denver Brewery Changes Name Over Threat of Legal Action

August 28, 2014

Tweet Just three months after its launch, the Denver Pearl Brewing Company is going to change its name, following complaints from two other breweries that claimed the company’s name sounded too similar to their own brands, according to The Denver Post. The company’s owner and general manager, Colby Rankin, commented that before selecting a name […]

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KIND and Clif Bar Involved in Trade Dress Infringement Case

August 27, 2014

Tweet Healthy snacks producers KIND LLC and Clif Bar & Company met in court to settle an alleged trade dress infringement regarding the packaging of their respective snack bars, Lexology reports. According to KIND, its unique packaging design incorporates a transparent front panel which allows customers to see the product itself. When KIND noticed Clif’s […]

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NgTLD Update: Getting The Most Out Of The TMCH With URDPs And Blocks

August 26, 2014

Tweet Think of the new gTLD space as one of those board games in which your goal is to control the most territory. Each square is a potential domain name relevant to your trademark. How can you expand your zone of control? ICANN created the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) to help, and many Corsearch clients are […]

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Sesame Street-Branded Produce Will Soon Hit Store Shelves

August 26, 2014

Tweet Can you imagine being able to use the Sesame Street brand and characters in a branding initiative free of charge? That’s exactly the deal between Sesame Workshop and the Produce Marketing Association (PMA) for its Eat Brighter campaign. As GOOD Magazine summed up the agreement: “Sesame is handing over billions of dollars worth of valuable […]

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The Name Game: Now College Football Coaches Seek Trademarks

August 22, 2014

Tweet We’ve grown accustomed to trademarks being registered for celebrity names (e.g., Katy Perry, 50 Cent) and even celebrity offspring (Blue Ivy Carter). And then there are all of those professional athletes who have trademarked their best-known moves (“Kaepernicking” anyone?). And now, as reports, the trademark trend has moved on to American college football […]

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