Is the U.S. Running Out of Brand Names for Beers?

January 9, 2015

Tweet With more than 3,000 breweries scattered across the United States, American beer makers are facing a new problem (along with some legal issues)—due to the lack of availability of new names. Most of the names of U.S. states are already taken, along with city names, and weather patterns! Anheuser-Busch even attempted to register trademarks […]

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Coca-Cola Files Hashtag Trademarks: Which Brands Are Next?

January 7, 2015

Tweet In a move that could become this year’s biggest brand marketing trend, beverage giant Coca-Cola has filed trademark applications for two Twitter hashtags—#cokecanpics and #smilewithacoke. As we wrote last year, Twitter itself has hinted at the demise of hashtags, and while the social media site remains popular, Instagram images are starting to outperform tweets […]

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Who Owns the Names of Famous Yosemite National Park Locales?

January 5, 2015

Tweet Yosemite National Park isn’t the largest U.S. national park, but it is undoubtedly one of the most well known. Spanning 1,189 square miles in California, the park’s nearly 4 million annual visitors are well acquainted with the names of its lodges, restaurants, and attractions. But now a possible change in the contractor who runs […]

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Chinese Brands Choosing Foreign-Sounding Names

January 2, 2015

Tweet Many Chinese brands are choosing non-Chinese names to appear “more foreign,” according to a recent New York Times article. Brands like Chrisdien Deny, Frognie Zila, and even Helen Keller are some of the “international” sounding names chosen by Chinese companies to attract more customers. Other Chinese retail brands include Wanko, Orgee, Hotwind, and Scat. […]

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New Balance and Converse Embroiled in Sneaker Trademark Dispute

December 30, 2014

Tweet Footwear company New Balance filed a federal lawsuit last week against rival athletic shoemaker Converse over what it called the company’s “aggressive efforts” to protect its Chuck Taylor All-Star sneakers. Converse had sued several retailers, including Kmart, Walmart, and Skechers, in October to stop them from selling knock-off Chuck Taylors, which are widely recognized […]

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Happy Holidays from Trademarks + Brands!

December 23, 2014

Tweet Thank you to all of our T+B readers for joining us as we shared what’s happening in the world of trademarks, brands, and domain names throughout 2014. From Twitter hashtag trademarks, to counterfeit brands, to the latest NgTLD updates, we hope you’ll continue to engage in our ongoing conversation and share T+B with your colleagues and friends. […]

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NgTLD Update: .GREEN, .MONEY, .TRUST & More

December 22, 2014

Tweet Highlights   This week, we see the registry launches for 10 new TLDs: • Afilias Limited (.GREEN and .LGBT) • .TRUST • geoTLD .NRW (for North Rhine-Westphalia) .WHOSWHO (Landrush phase) • Donuts (.COACH, .MEMORIAL, .LEGAL, and .MONEY) .FRL (for Friesland) We also alert you to some further Name Collision List updates for: • Minds […]

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Benihana vs. Benny Hunna: Restaurant Attempts to Block Rapper’s Trademark

December 22, 2014

Tweet Restaurant company Benihana has petitioned the USPTO to deny a trademark for “Benny Hunna,” the name of an American rapper, who filed a trademark for entertainment services in 2013. TMZ reported that rapper Hunna, born Benny Hodge, wants to “build an entertainment empire called Benny Hunna TV.” The entertainment website says “hunna” is slang […]

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Diageo Wins Trademark Dispute Over Crown Royal

December 19, 2014

Tweet Diageo has won a trademark lawsuit filed against Texas-based Mexcor over the Crown Royal whisky brand. The dispute between the two companies began last year when the UK-based drinks maker filed a commercial slander suit against Mexcor for creating “disparaging” ads that referred to a product that looked like Crown Royal as “that poison.” […]

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The Latest in Clothing Brand Trademark Stories: CR7 and Comfyballs

December 17, 2014

Tweet Many of you know that Real Madrid footballer Cristiano Ronaldo is also known as “CR7,” a moniker that represents his initials and his jersey number. Last year, he launched a line of men’s underwear and socks under the brand name CR7. Earlier this year, JBS Textile Group filed a U.S. trademark application for Ronaldo’s CR7 […]

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