Contributors to Trademarks and Brands hail from across Corsearch and bring a broad range of experiences and points of views to their commentary here. We’re proud to call them colleagues and hope you’ll take the opportunity to get to know them better through their writings here as well as engage with them through comments to their posts.

Steve AndersonSteve Anderson

- Product ManagerEnsure the commercial success of Corsearch products and services leveraging product and industry knowledge and a user-based design approach.

Years Experience: 24+ Areas of Expertise: Product design and development, trademarks research and prosecution, pharmaceuticals, work-flow automation First job I ever had? Dishwasher at a Greek restaurant when I was 13 years old. One thing that would surprise people most about me: I am a musician (trumpet/sax) and still perform with groups as a hobby 3 things I care about: Technology, trademarks, and creative solutions Sites/Blogs I like: The Great Geek Manual, The Science of Fiction, Weird Warp, and Bad Brand Good Brand

Mary ForbesMary Forbes

- Senior Account Manager working with trademark practice groups at law firms and corporations in DC, DE, VA, MD, PA, TN, NC, and SC. Responsible for developing new business and supporting our current clients by providing product training and keeping them up-to-date with our latest product releases.

Years Experience: 5+ years at Corsearch Areas of Expertise: Trademark research, brand enforcement, and domain name registration and management. First job I ever had? Babysitting – I’m the youngest of six and have 10 nieces and nephews. One thing that would surprise people most about me: I’m a chocaholic…I have a major sweet tooth! 3 things I care about: Family, friends, food/wine Sites/Blogs I like: Wired, the TTAblog, WSJ Law blog, Above the Law, and The TEDBlog

Kim Friedman

- Senior Marketing Communications Specialist

Years Experience: 14 years Areas of Expertise: Direct marketing, branding, corporate communications, design. First job I ever had? I sold craft supplies and plants at a nursery / craft store. One thing that would surprise people most about me: I know how to sew. 3 things I care about: Innovation, friends/family, New York City. Sites/Blogs I like: DesignTaxi, Brooklyn Based, Wired, Fast Company, This is Colossal, TED, Smashing Magazine, and Mashable.

hannosh_raymondRaymond Hannosh

- Raymond is a trademark researcher for Corsearch by day and a contributor to the company’s social media and blog marketing activities. He is enthusiastic about technology, music, and media. In his free time, he enjoys cycling around the busy streets of New York, collecting vinyl, and creative writing.

Jonathan JaggersJonathan Jaggers

- Product Manager, responsible for internal user systems and workflows.

Years Experience: 13. Areas of Expertise: Product development, project management, training and education. First job I ever had? Paper route. One thing that would surprise people most about me: I love to cook Indian food. 3 things I care about: Animal welfare and dog rescue, art/music/literature, my family. Sites/Blogs I like:, Wine Spectator, Salon, The Howling Fantods,

Kriner_MichaelMike Kriner

Client Services Professional

First job I ever had? Scoreboard operator for my high school. One thing that would surprise people most about me: I’ve been to the United Nations Office in Geneva and sat in on a meeting of the International Law Commission (and yes, I got to use those cool ear piece translators!). 3 things I care about: friends/family, international relations, Oreos. Sites/Blogs I like: NY Times,, Der Spiegel, Gizmodo, TED.

Kriner_RobertRobert Kriner

- Account Manager responsible for new business development and assisting current clients with domain name and trademark needs.

Years Experience: 5 years Areas of Expertise: Domain name registration and management, ICANN and registry/registrar procedures, and digital brand protection. First job I ever had? Golf course maintenance (Yes… just like Bill Murray in “Caddyshack”). One thing that would surprise people most about me: I won two Junior Golf Club Championships when I was 15 and 17 and shot two hole-in-ones in the summer of ‘98. 3 things I care about: My family/friends, keeping an open mind, being active. Sites/Blogs I like: DomainIncite, ICANN Blog, CNET, CircleID, Domain Name Wire, BBC, ESPNsoccernet,

Cristina MarinaCristina Marina

- Marketing Specialist, Avantiq

Years Experience: 8 in media and marketing. Areas of Expertise: Media, communication, online marketing, and advertising. First job I ever had? Marketing executive One thing that would surprise people most about me: I am passionate about watches. 3 things I care about: My career, my lifestyle, and my soul. Sites/Blogs I like: Financial Times, Harvard Business Review, Wired, Decor8Blog, Vanity Fair, New York Times, and

David Nieves

- Trademark investigator/watching analyst. Investigating the currency and use of trademarks including the nature and extent of that usage and the channels of trade by which the products/services affiliated with those trademarks are offered.

Years Experience: 19 years First job I ever had? I was an agent representing artists in New York, Barcelona, and Madrid. These artists created original artwork and illustrations for books, magazines, CD covers, and all other media for which original artwork was needed. Sites/Blogs I like:, Huffington Post,, The Onion, and GoTennisBlog

Rubin_MatthewMatthew Rubin

- Manager of Research Operations

Areas of Expertise: Helping clients with trademark clearance and brand production. First job I ever had? Cashier at a supermarket. One thing that would surprise people most about me: I’m a heck of a Jazz/Blues guitarist. 3 things I care about: Loved ones, music, film noir. Sites/Blogs I like: Gawker, Facebook, Curbed, Fark, Rotoworld, Metalstorm, Brooklynvegan,, Internet Movie Database, Sputnikmusic, and Metsblog.

Kristina Scheurlescheurle_kristina

- Senior Trademark Researcher.

Areas of Expertise: Working on search types such as CMKOs, UK reports, and specific client profiles. First job I ever had? Summer camp counselor. One thing that would surprise people most about me: I’ve lived in 6 different states. 3 things I care about: My job, family/friends, travel. Sites/Blogs I like: NPR, Apartment Therapy, Gilt, Salon.

Stolfi_SteveSteve Stolfi

- Vice President of Sales & Global Partnerships: Responsible for sales, customer service, and product support, as well as manage and develop partnerships for the company. Member of Corsearch and the Wolters Kluwer Corporate Legal Services Management Teams.

Years Experience: 18+ Areas of Expertise: Trademarks, domain names, copyright research, and brand strategies. First job I ever had? When I was 12 years old I started my own lawn-mowing business. One thing that would surprise people most about me: I live in a restored barn that was built in 1775. 3 things I care about: Our customers, trademarks, and my co-workers. Sites/Blogs I like: IP Law 360, Bad Brand Good Brand, and The Trademark Blog.
Emily Weaver

Emily Weaver

Client Support Professional

Areas of Expertise: Domain Management, NgTLDs, Trademark Clearinghouse First job I ever had? Selling ice cream in the lanes at Harrisburg Auto Auction One thing that would surprise people most about me: I am a classically trained pianist. 3 things I care about: My job, NgTLDs, and my dog Pearl E. Whirl Sites/Blogs I like: Salon, Gawker, Sporcle, Yelp, Jezebel  


duvall_scottScot Duvall

is an adjunct professor at the University of Louisville: Louis D. Brandeis School of Law and a member of Louisville law firm, Middleton Reutlinger.

fingerhut_ericEric Fingerhut

is the Leader of Dykema’s Trademark Practice. Ranked as a First Tier trademark lawyer in the World Trademark Review’s “WTR 1000,” he has practiced all aspects of global brand identity and reputation management for more than 20 years.

Municoy_marianoMariano Municoy

works for the Latin American IP law firm Moeller IP Advisors where he advises and designs legal strategies related to patents, trademarks and domain names protection as well as anti-counterfeiting and transfer of technology issues. Mr. Municoy is also a founding member of Moeller’s Regional Department of Regulatory Affairs and serves as a liaison between Moeller and numerous U.S. companies and law firms. Mariano is a member of several international organizations such as INTA (International Trademark Association) and IPO (Intellectual Property Owners) where he has active roles in several committees. He is also an active member of the American Bar Association and other Latin American associations. His academic activities include teaching in Argentine Universities, as well as authoring papers and articles in multiple IP journals and magazines such as the Chicago-Kent Journal of Intellectual Property (his article ”Allocation Of Jurisdiction On Patent Disputes In The Models Developed By The Hague Conference In Private International Law: Asymmetric Countries And The Relationship Of Private Parties”), the Oxford Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice, the GCD online magazine for global competition policy, the Latin American Lawyer, and the 2009 edition of Patents published by “Getting the Deal”, among many others. Most of these articles are available online on the section “press briefings” listed on the website of Moeller IP Advisors. Mariano completed his bachelors of law degree with specialization in administrative law from the Universidad de Buenos Aires in 2001. He was awarded an LL.M. in International Intellectual Property Law from Chicago-Kent College of Law with high honors in 2004, and completed another LL.M. in Law and Economics from the Universidad Torcuato Di Tella in Argentina in 2008.

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