Denver Brewery Changes Name Over Threat of Legal Action

by T+B Blog Team on August 28, 2014

Just three months after its launch, the Denver Pearl Brewing Company is going to change its name, following complaints from two other breweries that claimed the company’s name sounded too similar to their own brands, according to The Denver Post.

The company’s owner and general manager, Colby Rankin, commented that before selecting a name for the brewery, he sought advice from lawyers and conducted his own research. But Pabst Brewing Company — manufacturer of beer under the brands Pearl and Pearl Light, distributed in Texas and Oklahoma — informed Rankin that it may start legal action if his brewery continued to operate under its current name.

Meanwhile, a local brewery that Rankin declined to name, had disputed the use of “Denver” in the name of the product, claiming it had the sole right to use the name of the city in craft beer. According to The Denver Post, the local brewery in question was Denver Beer Co., whose co-owner Patrick Crawford told the newspaper that his company had been engaged in talks with Denver Pearl Brewing Company over the name issue. Crawford said that representatives of both companies had discussed the matter — over beers — but there had been no plans for any legal action.

Rankin has already chosen a new name for his brewery, which will be revealed at a special renaming party in September. He said that this time there will be no legal disputes concerning the name, since he’s done more thorough research this time.

There have been quite a few naming disputes in the world of craft beers recently (e.g., Anheuser-Busch v. Natty Greene’s). What’s the name of your favorite craft beer?

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