Kanye West Defeats Coinye in Trademark Lawsuit

by T+B Blog Team on August 1, 2014

Kanye West has won a trademark infringement suit over virtual currency, Coinye West, since the currency company never responded to the lawsuit, according to Billboard. A U.S. District Court judge in New York ruled in favor of Kanye last week in a hidden default judgment.

Back in January, West started legal action to stop the Coinye crypto-currency, first with a cease-and-desist letter, which was followed by a trademark infringement suit. It’s been reported that more than 80 court documents had been filed, involving 100 John Does and a handful of named defendants.

The Coinye “coinage” not only played on the rapper’s name, its design bore his cartoon likeness, sporting his renowned shutter-shade sunglasses.


After West filed the cease-and-desist, the Coinye creators changed the design to include a fish tail:


Despite Coinye’s website concession posted earlier this year: “Coinye is dead. You win, Kanye.”, there still appears to be what might be an active Coinye website.

Does this case remind you of any other trademark infringement suit involving a parody?


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