Big Brands Join the Selfie Craze

by T+B Blog Team on July 15, 2014

In 2013, the selfie craze took the Internet and social media world by storm. People all over the globe now busily snap pictures of themselves and upload them to social networking sites at an alarming rate – producing millions of selfies every month. Check out this infographic for everything you need to know about selfies.

It seems the trend isn’t limited only to consumers; brands are now following the trend to post face-centric images. Business 2 Community recently looked at some of the brands cashing in on the trend and the strategies they’ve used to leverage selfies into their marketing campaigns.

One of the brands to seamlessly introduce selfies into its social media strategy – without even featuring its own product in the image – is GoPro. The action camera brand utilizes user-generated photos to promote the quality and variety of images that can be captured with its camera, while reinforcing its relationship with fans.

Another brand to harness the power of selfies as part of its social media campaigns is Turkish Airlines. The brand turned international celebrities – the NBA’s Kobe Bryant and Argentine soccer star Lionel Messi – into the faces of its #SelfieShootout campaign, inviting fans to upload their location-based selfies to be eligible to win a free flight. The project also showed how selfies can be used effectively on platforms such as YouTube, becoming the most viral travel industry campaign of 2013.

Samsung Mobile is another example of a brand tapping into the selfie craze and celebrity culture in order to maximize the reach of it marketing message. The brand hired Lebron James (then of the Miami Heat, now a Cleveland Cavalier) for its Kodak campaign, titled #TogetherWeRise, and created a billboard mosaic of the star made out of selfies uploaded by fans.

Instead of using something techy or movie-based for its first Instagram picture, Star Wars (“the official home of Star Wars on Instagram”) delighted fans by posting an image of Darth Vader turning the camera on himself with the caption: “Another day at the office.” The image gained huge traction and has already garnered almost 70,000 likes.

What other campaigns built around selfies have caught your attention?

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