The Beach Boys And Kiss Can Teach Brands A Thing Or Two

by T+B Blog Team on June 27, 2014

All brands need to breathe some fresh air into their strategies, as well as seek new inspiration from time to time. And inspiration can come from anywhere, including musical groups.

The Beach Boys, for one, can teach brands a few tricks about keeping customers happy, according to a recent Forbes article. How can brands get more “Good Vibrations” from their customers? By having fun! “Fun, Fun, Fun” as The Beach Boys put it.

There are many many examples of brands having fun. The article points to appliance and electronics leader h.h.gregg (Gregg Appliances), quoting its CMO Julie Lyle, who says it makes sense for the brand to have fun because it brings fun to customers’ homes and helps complete the rooms where they share precious moments with family and friends. Lyle points to h.h.gregg’s recent March Madness campaign, which involved a giveaway of more than $50,000 in prizes from LG Electronics and a “fun” video to promote the event.

Another brand having Beach Boys-style fun is telecommunications provider Vonage. Its CMO, Barbara Goodstein, says there’s a greater chance for fun brands to get noticed by customers. Vonage demonstrates that it’s having fun by using humor in its TV commercials to engage customers.

Besides fun, what else do brands need to stay strong? Identity. As another Forbes article puts it, brands need to emphasize what makes them unique, rather than worry about where they sit in the market. Identity is real and long-lasting—just ask Kiss. While most rock bands from the 70s are gone, Kiss is still around because of the group’s strong identity. If brands have a compelling identity at their core, they will not be swayed by changing times and changing markets—they’ll “Rock and Roll All Nite.”


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