Brands Competing For Fans’ Attention As World Cup Kicks Off

by T+B Blog Team on June 13, 2014

All eyes are on Brazil as the 2014 World Cup kicks off. Touted as the most expensive FIFA tournament ever, it appears that this year’s event will most likely hit another record—becoming the most social soccer tournament ever as fans, brands, and teams flock to social networks to share the experience, The Guardian reports.

Hashtags are now the new social currency and seem to be as important as short ads for brands using Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, and Tumblr to captivate World Cup fans, The Brand Channel says.

Among the brands already making use of hashtags to attract the attention of soccer lovers is snack food company Mondelez, which is using #PassTheLove. Hotel chain operator Marriott is betting on #TravelVictories and mouthwash product maker Listerine is exploiting #PowerToYourMouth. The sponsors of the tournament are joining this latest social media craze as well, with Kia launching its U.S.-focused #becomeafan campaign, for which it employed Brazilian model Adriana Lima, while Hyundai is promoting the #becausefutbol hashtag. Adidas, another official FIFA partner, is focusing on Lionel Messi as the face of the latest chapter of its global “all in” brand platform promoted with the #allin hashtag, which aims to bring more consumers to social media channels.

While traditional media outlets such as TV and radio will likely enjoy a spike in advertising activity during the tournament, social media will most likely be the real winner. Social media gives brands a unique opportunity to connect with fans, engage with them, and amplify their messages, Nielsen’s SPV of sport Stephen Master told Mashable.

The importance of social media is something many brands are starting to take advantage of, particularly when big sporting events take place, as they generate a huge volume of social media activity. With social media, brands can tell more stories than with a TV commercial, Adidas’ global brand marketing director Tom Ramsden said.

Which World Cup match are you most looking forward?

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