Apparel Company Sues Taylor Swift Over “13”

by T+B Blog Team on May 23, 2014

Country-pop singer Taylor Swift’s love of the number 13 is being put to the test as a result of a trademark infringement suit brought by a Californian apparel manufacturer in Los Angeles court recently.

According to E!News, which broke the story of the lawsuit, the case was filed on May 20 by clothing brand Lucky 13, claiming the Grammy winner is infringing on its trademark by using its federally registered marks without permission. The singer’s team has been contacted several times by Lucky 13 to discuss the issue, but both parties have so far failed to come to a settlement, according to the claimant.

It’s no secret that Swift considers 13 to be her favorite number—fans can even buy a T-shirt with Lucky 13 written on it from her online store. The 24-year-old-singer was born on December 13, her Twitter name contains the same number, and she’s often spotted onstage with the number drawn on her hand.

However, according to Robert Kloetzly, the owner of Lucky 13 which was created 23 years ago, Swift’s love for the superstitious number is damaging his own business. He claims that he has been selling street wear and accessories for 20 years and now the singer is using the Lucky 13 phrase for her own apparel line, according to court documents seen by

Kloetzly is now demanding the singer close down her merchandising site and pay all the profits she has generated from using the Lucky 13 phrase, or pay the damages incurred by his brand—whichever amount is greater.

What other number-specific trademark disputes do you recall?


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