Choose the Right Images for Your Social Media Branding Strategy

by T+B Blog Team on April 25, 2014

The human brain processes pictures much faster than words. Successful brands know the power that images hold as evocative storytellers, which is why they use them across multiple channels – particularly social media – to help build brand loyalty and promote sharing.

Choosing the right images is not a simple task, and if brands don’t get it right, they may see their customer appeal decline, Social Media Examiner reports. To make the choice easier, it’s helpful to think about how a brand can be portrayed with pictures. You can be creative with your images as long as they fit the brand. If your product or service is eccentric or fun, humorous images can be a good fit.

The images brands use also need to work together. When a consumer sees a series of images, they need to be able to recognize that they all represent the same brand. This is important if you want to achieve a consistent brand identity and enhance your online strategies.

Nonetheless, you should never rely on finding images on the Internet, since you can run into a number of intellectual property issues. Hiring a professional photographer is the best way to go since it ensures that your images belong only to you. Or, you can use license photos from a stock photo service that offers a variety of images suitable for many brands.

Before making your choice, it’s wise to research what types of images your audience enjoys, MarketingProfs recommends. When picking photos for Facebook pages, for example, you should choose images that either blend with the dominant color scheme, or contrast nicely. And your brand’s profile picture and cover photo should interrelate. Finally, it’s important to know the permissible image dimensions on the various social platforms, so you can make sure you choose the best-fitting images to ensure your page looks professional.

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