‘Cut The Rope’ Developer Contests Plan To Trademark “Candy”

by T+B Blog Team on March 31, 2014

Shortly after Candy Crush developer King abandoned efforts to trademark the word “candy” in the United States, deciding to retain rights for the word in Europe only after receiving negative feedback from developers and gamers, the company is facing pressure regarding this move from rival ZeptoLab.

In a press release, the studio behind the mobile game franchise ‘Cut the Rope’ said it had lodged a claim against the registration of the “candy” trademark in the European Union. The motion aims to cancel King’s trademark of “candy” to allow other developers to use the word freely in the titles of their own games.

ZeptoLab said that King is using the European registration, which covers video games, game services, and clothing, to use the name in other regions despite abandoning the trademark in the U.S. market. A ruling against King’s European Union trademark would dissolve all applications for registering the term in other markets, according to Zeptolab.

The studio’s chief executive Misha Lyalin said in the press release that candy is an integral part of the ‘Cut the Rope’ franchise. In ZeptoLab’s ‘Cut the Rope’ game, players are tasked with cutting ropes to deliver candy to a creature named Om Nom.

King abandoned plans to trademark the word in the U.S. market in February, noting that the trademark claim in Europe was still in place. In an open letter published on its website, the company said that its effort to trademark the word was aimed at preventing other developers from cloning its games.

Do you think King’s “candy” trademark attempt will be stopped by ZeptoLab?

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