Katz’s Delicatessen Sues Katz & Dogz For Stealing Name

by T+B Blog Team on March 18, 2014

New York’s renowned eatery Katz’s Delicatessen has taken a local chain of food trucks trading under the name Katz & Dogz to court for using its trademark without permission.

Although the restaurant-on-wheels insists that by using the Katz’s brand, it’s only seeking to pay “tribute” to the 126-year-old restaurant, the famous eatery filed a trademark lawsuit in Manhattan Federal Court against the truck operator last week, the New York Daily News reports.

In the lawsuit, Katz’s Delicatessen alleges that Katz & Dogz uses the deli’s brand and also sells similar foods like pastrami, corned beef sandwiches, and other traditional fare, causing customers to believe they are receiving “the same Jewish deli foods” they would find at the original restaurant.

The food trucks also offer a “Reuben Orgasm” sandwich on its menu, which Katz’s Delicatessen claims to be a “blatant” reference to a scene in the film “When Harry Met Sally,” filmed at the Houston street deli, in which actress Meg Ryan fakes an orgasm while eating a Reuben sandwich.

Katz & Dogz, which has been operating mobile food trucks and a food cart since 2013, is now required to change its name and pay damages that could exceed $1 million, according to the lawsuit. The owners of the deli reportedly offered the defendants $7,000 to redecorate the exterior of their food trucks, but Katz & Dogz pulled out of the deal before it was completed.

An owner of Katz & Dogz declined to comment on the lawsuit, the New York Post reported.

What are your thoughts on the Katz and Dogz lawsuit?

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