Sony Sues Talladega Nights-Inspired Bar in Texas

by T+B Blog Team on March 14, 2014

Sony Pictures is suing the owner of a bar named “Ricky Bobby Sports Saloon & Restaurant” in Texas, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The bar features elements from the movie “Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby” produced by Sony’s Columbia Pictures back in 2006.

The studio filed the lawsuit against the bar’s parent company, Rick’s Cabaret International, claiming the establishment infringes on the trademarks it holds from the film. The restaurant’s waitresses are known as “Smokin’ Hotties”—a direct reference to Ricky Bobby’s spouse in the film, who was referred to as his “smokin’ hot wife.” The waitresses wear revealing tops and short skirts that mimic the “specially designed uniforms” of “Ricky Bobby hotties” that were featured in the film. In addition, a replica car installed in the bar resembles the “Me” car driven by Ricky Bobby in the movie, Sony claims.

The Hollywood Reporter wrote that Sony’s legal action aims to address the fact Rick’s Cabaret conceals the real source of origin for the establishment’s theme from its consumers. A picture inside the bar also states “If you ain’t first…,” which most likely references Ricky Bobby’s mantra “If you ain’t first, you’re last.” Some drinks offered in the bar are also named after quotes from the movie. According to SportingNews, the bar had a drink called “Comin’ at Ya Like a Spider Monkey” based on a quote from the movie that it removed from its drink list last November.

Rick’s Cabaret did not seek permission from Sony to use the movie as its restaurant theme. Sony is demanding an injunction against the use of the film’s title and is also seeking a portion of the restaurant’s profits to compensate for the damages and the cancellation of web domain names.

Talladega Nights

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