Social Media Helps Revitalize Older Brands

by T+B Blog Team on February 10, 2014

Social media has opened doors that did not even exist a decade ago, but the medium still remains a relatively new tool in comparison to established mediums such as print advertising and billboards. The constantly evolving digital world makes it more difficult for brands to adapt and develop effective online strategies, especially for older brands which have long relied on conventional techniques to win consumers’ attention. Here are some tips from Technorati to help marketers get on the social media bandwagon and bring their brands to the next level.

Building a strong presence on social media doesn’t necessarily mean embarking on any new platform that comes into sight, but rather concentrating only on channels that resonate with your target audience. If a brand’s main demographic is the male consumer, for instance, it may not be appropriate to use Pinterest for spreading your marketing message, because this network holds a particular appeal to female users. After identifying the right platform for your brand, proceed to creating your strategy.

Content is probably the most important aspect of a successful social media campaign and given the fierce competition out there, creating compelling and relevant content is essential for differentiating brands. Sticking to personalized content that has a high chance of being shared is the best tactic to follow, and avoid content that is too promotional. Consumers also have a bias toward posts that feature eye-catching images, which is perhaps another good lesson for brands wishing to keep their social media pages alive and kicking. Better content will also get you better web traffic, according to Search Engine Watch.

Appearing on social media may not be as likely to deliver success if measures to make campaigns mobile-friendly are not also taken, particularly given the high percentage of online shoppers that purchase only on their mobile devices, as reported by Internet Retailer. To reach this growing audience, consider optimizing content for mobile devices and making sure it renders well on smaller screens. You can also benefit from ensuring that this content is easy to share.

Does your marketing strategy include social media? Does it help to keep your brand ahead of the curve? Include your comments and questions below.

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