Trademark Applications Filed for Bitcoin in Russia and the UK

by T+B Blog Team on December 26, 2013

Trademark applications have been filed recently in Russia and the United Kingdom for the much-talked-about cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.

In Russia, according to RT TV, Boris Bulochnik, the former head of OAO Master-Bank registered a trademark for Bitcoin through a company called Intelprom. Russia’s central bank revoked Master-Bank’s license last month for repeatedly breaching money-laundering laws.

In the United Kingdom, Marvin Dennis filed a trademark application for Bitcoin in early December in Class 30 (Chocolates, confectionery), which doesn’t appear to create any likelihood of confusion with the digital currency exchange. Here’s a copy of the record from the Corsearch platform:


According to CoinDesk, an earlier attempt by an American to file a trademark for Bitcoin in the United States and France was thwarted by Bitcoin exchange Mt.Gox K.K., which claimed the trademark as its own in an October 2011 press release:

“[Mt.Gox] will oppose this and any other “greed based” trademark application, in order to prevent self-serving attempts to profit from bitcoin through spurious legal suits, and keep the term ‘bitcoin’ free for all.”

Meanwhile, in the United States, JPMorgan filed a patent for a Bitcoin-style electronic currency in August 2013, calling it “a new paradigm for effectuating electronic payments.”

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