What Will Brand Strength Look Like in the Future?

by T+B Blog Team on December 17, 2013

We’ve already written about what’s ahead in brand marketing trends in “The Inside Scoop on 2014 Brand Marketing Trends” earlier this month. Now let’s take a look at what the world’s top brands will look like in the future. Fast Company examines FutureBrand’s study in “5 Predictions For What The Best Brands Of The Future Will Look Like,” which includes the following forecasts about brands in the years to come:

1)   More authenticity, less bling

2)   Comfort and convenience remain top priorities

3)   Socially conscious brands will become mainstream

4)   Crowd participation becomes the norm

5)   Chinese brands join the list of the world’s top-selling brands

Link to the full FutureBrand report here.

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