Corsearch Top-Ranked in the 2013 World Trademark Review Annual Survey

by Cristina Marina on December 10, 2013

Corsearch was honored as a top provider for searching and watching services by the World Trademark Review’s annual survey of corporate and private trademark attorneys. The magazine annually polls corporate and private trademark counsel to identify trends in the trademark industry.

WTR ran the survey online over a two-week period in September 2013, and received almost 700 responses from around the world.

For trademark searches, Corsearch was among only five providers recognized by respondents for providing a high level of relevant records, flexibility, usability, and delivery timing of the search reports, as well as for its linguistic capability. When it comes to trademark watching, Corsearch achieved a high rating for the relevancy of its watch notices, flexibility and usability of the watch results, linguistic capability, and “likeliness to recommend this provider.”

The results of the poll support Corsearch’s commitment to meet customer needs and be highly responsive to user requests. As the market continues to become more competitive, the added value that Corsearch brings will make the difference in the future for trademark professionals. The company provides access to integrated global databases in one online solution and reliable information that facilitates the ability to make important decisions.

Steve Stolfi, Vice President Global Sales and Strategic Partnerships at Corsearch, quoted in the WTR article, best expressed Corsearch’s strength: “By aggregating, cleansing and enriching the data provided in such databases and layering on sophisticated tools that enable our clients to more effectively use the data, we are a value-added partner.”

Stolfi noted that Corsearch’s customers are “continually pressed to offer higher levels of services and added value to their internal and external clients. As a result our customers are looking for high quality services and supporting tools that simplify their workflow and save time in their brand clearance and protection duties. In addition, clients are requiring more customization in reporting and require their results in formats which allow them to better serve their clients by improving their legal analysis time.”

The industry feedback in the WTR survey ranked customer service as one of the most important areas and the survey responses affirm that Corsearch’s personal service approach has set the bar high.

This year’s WTR survey was released six months after Corsearch acquired Avantiq, a leading provider of multi-national trademark research services, so in this year’s survey the Corsearch umbrella included both Avantiq and Corsearch Europe (formerly known as Edital).

The consolidated company will deliver on the “Better together” promise, as Corsearch customers will receive more expertise and access to established processes for managing large scale clearance projects, key industry knowledge including strong pharmaceutical capabilities, and high-touch client service.

Other key factors identified as most important to users polled by WTR included geographical spread, as well as knowledge of local laws and language when determining watch/search list selections (which can affect the relevance of hits). As global business demands global services, the respondents repeatedly stressed the need for providers to ensure that they are covering more jurisdictions, while also taking into account the local context when generating lists.

With the acquisition of Avantiq, Corseach offers not only the ability to perform searches, but also provides insights in regions around the world where firms may not have a local presence or intricate knowledge of local issues, language, or culture. “We are very cognizant of the importance of local knowledge and this is an area that we have been investing in heavily, with a particular emphasis in Europe. We have been investing both organically, including the Avantiq acquisition, which further enhances our local reach and foreign languages capability,” Stolfi concluded.

Corsearch would like to thank all of our clients and partners for their continued support and participation in the annual WTR survey.

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