The Inside Scoop on 2014 Brand Marketing Trends

by T+B Blog Team on December 6, 2013

The new year is just around the corner, so we thought it was high time to start reading up on what new brand marketing trends we can expect to see in 2014. Phrases like “brands will be braver” and “content is king” seem to be common threads in the articles we’re reading.

The following selection of articles about 2014 branding trends give you a sense of what’s on the radar:

Expect to see more “buzz-creating, edgy campaigns” and some dramatic website re-designs, according to Inside Facebook’s “Five Daring Predictions for Social Marketing in 2014.”

According to Forbes, “Brand and Marketing Trends for 2014,” content is king, but so is “category.” That means we’ll see less cross-category marketing and more category-specific messaging.

“Maximising the consumer’s experience” tops the list in Marketing Magazine’s “5 Things that Will Matter for Brands in 2014.” It’s a great quick list to find ways to heighten your customers’ experience.

Six brand marketing experts talked to The Guardian about the trends they see on the horizon. Most of them center on finding ways to communicate a brand’s uniqueness. Check out “Experts Outline Key Brand Marketing Trends in 2014.”

And finally, emphasizing the trend toward more immersive, visual communication in 2014, here’s JWTIntelligence’s video, “10 Trends for 2014 in 2 Minutes”:

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