The Day the Muzak Died

by T+B Blog Team on February 8, 2013

Next time you’re riding in an elevator and hear that background music commonly known as Muzak you’ll have to do some brand name re-adjusting since the brand is being retired. It will now be known as simply “Mood.” Canada’s Mood Media Corporation bought Muzak two years ago and as part of a global rebranding effort it’s consolidating the company’s services under a single brand, called Mood. According to National Post, Mood Media was declared the fastest growing company in Canada in 2011. The company also offers digital signage, messaging, social/mobile applications, location-based services, scent marketing, and A/V systems design and implementation.

The word Muzak has been a registered trademark since 1934. After humble beginnings as simple background music, Muzak evolved into a scientifically designed program that was said to increase workers’ productivity and shoppers’ comfort levels. After a number of owners through the decades, including Warner Brothers, the company was purchased by Mood Media after emerging from bankruptcy in 2010. To learn more about the history of the company, check out this 2008 New Yorker article, “The Soundtrack of Your Life.”

“It’s the end of an iconic American brand,” Lorne Abony, Mood Media’s chairman and chief executive told The New York Times.

Farewell, Muzak.

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