Apple’s Lightning Trademark Acquired From Harley-Davidson

by T+B Blog Team on November 27, 2012

Apple’s recent European Union trademark filing for its Lightning connector indicates that the trademark was acquired from motorcycle manufacturer, Harley-Davidson, reports Patently Apple.

The Harley-Davidson Lightning trademark was originally filed in Classes 9 and 28 with H-D Michigan, Inc. listed as the owner. H-D Michigan, Inc. happens to be Harley-Davidson’s Intellectual Property Holding Company. Under Class 28, the registration goes beyond motorcycle parts and accessories, to include items like television sets, games, computer game programs, eye glasses and eyeglass frames. Patently Apple noted that the transaction may have been a partial transfer, with Harley-Davidson possibly retaining the rights to use portions of the trademark related to motorcycle parts.

Apple’s new smaller 8-pin Lightning power connector was introduced earlier this year, replacing the 30-pin connectors used on earlier Apple devices.

In other recent Apple trademark news, the USPTO granted Apple two registered trademarks for iMessage, the company’s iChat messaging replacement.

So, speaking of motorcycles and computer devices — what other unlikely corporate pairings have come together over a trademark?


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