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by T+B Blog Team on November 16, 2012

Fast Company poses the question:Is Branding Art, Science, Or A Whole Lot Of Both?” Read the magazine’s list of five ways to merge the art and science behind branding to reach for branding success.

There’s a crowd of brands on the “crowdsourcing” bandwagon. Is participation marketing part of your brand strategy? Check out MarketingWeek’s overview of the efforts major brands have underway to get consumers more involved with their products.

Can you believe we’re less than one week away from the biggest shopping day of the year, the infamous Black Friday? There’s a new phenomenon in the retail world and it’s spawned a new name, “Christmas creep” — otherwise known as OctoNovemCember. US News & World Report highlights some holiday trends across major retail brands that could help with your shopping plans.

It’s obvious that sales of Chinese products are growing worldwide, but it’s the strength of the brands that China and other developing countries are developing at the forefront of Forbes“Lessons in Growing a Brand: The Chinese Are Coming.”

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