Brand Responses to Hurricane Sandy

by T+B Blog Team on November 6, 2012

We have been following the controversy over the responses of several major brands following Hurricane Sandy in the United States. Some brands focused on inspirational stories, encouraging moments, and rallying their audience. Others stayed silent or kept a “business as usual” mentality. Is there a right or wrong response to a devastating natural disaster?

Some brands took the “when the going gets tough, the tough go shopping” approach by promoting online discounts, but promoting sales during a time of struggle may not have captured the hearts of consumers. Brands that pitched in hands-on support for relief efforts, like Duracell’s trucks arriving in affected areas with supplies of phone chargers, may have made more of a long-term impact.

Several post-Sandy brand stories reflected how companies and brands instill a personal approach to their responses, showing their understanding of those who are suffering.

Digiday points out some of the major brands that are actively lending their support, such as making donations and soliciting support through their client bases.

Here are more nods to companies pitching in from Business Insider and Brand Channel. And social@Ogilvy suggests that major brands built more customer loyalty by executing an effective social media response to Hurricane Sandy.

While the personal responses by brands may have gained them emotional capital, the storm clearly also had an impact on sales revenue for big companies. ABC News looks at what it calls the storm’s “winners and losers.” Bloomberg Businessweek writes about the damaging effect on luxury car brands.

Did any brand or company responses to Sandy strike a chord with you, positively or negatively?

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