The 15 Leading Country Brands Of The Future

by T+B Blog Team on October 26, 2012

Thanks to Fast Company, we learned about FutureBrand’s 2012-13 Country Brand Index (CBI), a survey of business and leisure travelers about their perception of country brands. This year’s study featured a new list of countries on the rise, called the Future Fifteen. The list includes countries emerging across six key drivers that help determine which countries will become a worldwide “force”: governance, investment, human capital, growth, sustainability, and influence.

Which countries are on the rise? The United Arab Emirates (UAE) tops the “Future” list and is on the verge of entering the top 20 of the overall list since it ranks #23. Chile was ranked second, followed by Malaysia.

Here’s the complete list of the Future Fifteen:

  1. United Arab Emirates
  2. Chile
  3. Malaysia
  4. Qatar
  5. Estonia
  6. China
  7. Iceland
  8. Mexico
  9. Brazil
  10. Turkey
  11. Thailand
  12. Colombia
  13. India
  14. Kazakhstan
  15. Vietnam

Some other interesting highlights from the overall CBI:

  • The United States brand, ranked #1 in the overall CBI in 2009, has now dropped down to #8.
  • The United Kingdom brand jumped two places up to #11, perhaps with the help of the London 2012 Summer Olympics?
  • No African countries made either list.
  • Switzerland leapfrogged two-time first place-ranked Canada to take top honors.

Do you think there are any surprises on the Future Fifteen list?


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