O.CO Reverts Back to Overstock.com

by Robert Kriner on November 18, 2011

Back in June, we wrote about Overstock.com’s announcement that it would rebrand the company as O.Co, including changing its domain name. The name change was one of the first of its kind where a company gave up a .COM top level domain (TLD) for a .CO. According to AdAge, the retailer is putting the brakes on the name change and will revert back to Overstock.com “for now.”

Customer confusion was cited as the big reason for the change in direction—apparently customers were going to “O.com” which is one of the few domains still reserved by ICANN. The .co blog reached out to Overstock.com to ask whether the branding of the O.Co Coliseum, in Oakland, CA, will change. The answer was “no”—it will retain the O.Co Coliseum name.

With new gTLDs being released in the near future, do you think the influx of new domains will help break consumers away from .COM?

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