It’s That Time of Year Again: American Football and Trademarks, Of Course

by T+B Blog Team on August 16, 2011

Since the National Football League Players Association lockout was settled last month, pre-season games have begun and football fans are beginning their annual football rituals—tailgating parties, sporting team shirts and hats, and painting their faces.

There are many many trademark registrations related to professional sports teams and their players, including logos, merchandise, even catchphrases (“Stomp You Out”). The Green Bay Packers recently took action to protect its “Titletown” trademark when a new bar and restaurant announced plans to open in Green Bay, WI, under the name of Titletown Distillery.

The Packers have several registered trademarks for Titletown for goods and services ranging from hotels and bars, to real estate, to parking lot facilities. Here’s one of the Titletown records from Corsearch® Advantage™: reported that the team discussed the matter with the distillery owners who then decided to change the planned name to Green Bay Distillery. “We don’t want to get in the way of local businesses,” said Jason Wied, Packers vice president of administration and general counsel. “In other states, we’ve handled it more traditionally. Titletown belongs in Green Bay.”

It’s never too early to start this conversation: Which teams do you think will be in Super Bowl XLVI?

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