Known to the world for its knives, the French village of Laguiole recently sought the assistance of president Francois Hollande after losing a trademark battle in court.

The “Laguiole” name has been owned by businessman Gilbert Szajner since 1993, when he registered it as a trademark. He then started marketing various products under the name – from corkscrews and table linen, to barbecues. Some of the products bearing the Laguiole name, however, are made in China, which has enraged the town’s residents who feel robbed of their identity.

The villagers were unable to get the French courts to annul the trademark in 2012, and they have since lost an appeal as well. This month, the French appeal court decided it is acceptable for companies to use family and geographical names as trademarks, ruling that the company has not dealt a blow to the image or reputation of the village of Laguiole, The Guardian reported.

According to the court’s ruling, village residents cannot sell goods stamped with the name of Laguiole except for knives decorated with the famous bee logo. The trademark’s owner can continue to sell the rights to use the Laguiole name to both French and foreign companies who express an interest.

The mayor of the village, Vincent Alazard, called the situation surreal, saying that businesses putting the name of Lagiuole on items other than knives could now be accused of counterfeiting products manufactured in Asia. In a last attempt to return the name to the village, the mayor has sent the president a letter asking for help, The Local reports.

Do you think the Laguiole trademark is harming the village’s image and its citizens’ reputation?


Pizza Hut is the brand considered most capable of building and maintaining relationships with young consumers in the United Kingdom on social media platforms, the Social Brands 100 Youth Ranking from social brand agency Headstream shows, as reported by The Drum.

Greggs,, Waterstone’s, and Krispy Kreme were the other four brands ranked in the top five. Others in the top 10 included Pepsi Max, Comic Relief, Warburtons, Starbucks, and McCain. These all polled ahead of Amazon, YouTube, and Google, which were ranked among the top 100 brands on social media.

Headstream’s ranking, which was created following a review of the Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ profiles of brands that are most popular with users age 18-24, revealed younger consumers love brands that deliver relevant and honest content. Users want to build relationships with brands that understand their needs, interests, values, and behaviors, and develop their content based on these considerations, says Steve Sponder, managing director of Headstream.

Sponder explained the failure of Amazon, YouTube, and Google to win the hearts of young consumers with the “important and relevant” role they already play in their everyday lives. Although these three brands enable a social presence for most of the brands ranked within the top 100, they themselves are not considered brands that provide an outstanding social experience, he said.

Despite being ranked sixth overall by users, Pepsi Max was the most successful brand on Facebook alone, where content is a key prerequisite for strong user engagement. WHSmith was the best performing brand on Twitter, which was credited for the broadcasts to its followers and its customer service, while Greggs came first on Google+.

What’s your top social brand?


Superhero Dispute Puts Joint Trademark Ownership Under The Spotlight

April 18, 2014

Tweet DC Comics and Marvel made headlines this week after British author Graham Jules accused the two publishers of banning the use of the word “superhero” by opposing his attempt to trademark the title of his book, ‘Business Zero to Superhero.’ While the case is nothing more than a pure trademark wrangle, it draws attention [...]

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The Latest NgTLD Updates from Corsearch

April 17, 2014

Tweet New gTLDs Launched Minds + Machines Sunrises (.FISHING, .VODKA, .RODEO, .COOKING, .HORSE, and .COUNTRY) Further to the recent announcement that registry operator Minds + Machines was to launch its new gTLDs .FISHING, .VODKA, .RODEO, .COOKING, .HORSE, and .COUNTRY, we can now confirm the full launch schedule as follows: Sunrise Opens Sunrise Closes Sunrise Type [...]

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Former Football Player Takes Nike To Court Over “Lights Out” Trademark

April 16, 2014

Tweet Shawne Merriman, a former NFL player with the San Diego Chargers, has taken legal action against Nike over its new apparel line named “Lights Out,” alleging it violates his own trademark. The ex-football player is also claiming millions of dollars in damages with the lawsuit. The case was filed in the San Diego Federal [...]

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Crowdsourcing Requires Major Commitment From Brands

April 15, 2014

Tweet Crowdsourcing is no longer just a source of information for brands, but a powerful marketing tool to help generate innovative ideas. Brands that use crowdsourcing and social media give their audience the chance to talk and actively engage with their business, which improves loyalty and engagement levels. However, in order to achieve their desired [...]

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Gonzaga University Files Suit Against Daiquiri Bar For Trademark Abuse

April 14, 2014

Tweet Gonzaga University has started legal proceedings against a local daiquiri bar for using its logo and mascot to advertise its business without permission. The lawsuit, filed on behalf of the Corporation of Gonzaga University against Pendleton Enterprises LLC, Pendleton Broadcasting Inc., and owner Jamie Pendleton, alleges that the Spokane Downtown Daiquiri Factory has made [...]

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The Latest NgTLD Updates

April 10, 2014

Tweet New gTLDs Launched Starting Dot – .ARCHI Further to the recent announcement that Starting Dot would launch its new gTLD, .ARCHI (for architects), into Sunrise on 17 April, we have now received confirmation from the registry that they were able to start the Sunrise phase earlier, on 8 April 2014. The updated launch schedule for this TLD is [...]

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Industry Players Divided Over Proposed Changes To Canada’s Trademark Bill

April 9, 2014

Tweet Recent proposals concerning amendments to Canada’s “Trade-marks Act” have put industry players at odds over the feasibility of some of the planned changes, since they could adversely affect thousands of firms if approved in their current form. In a blog post, the World Trademark Review (WTR) commented that while the planned drop of the [...]

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Google’s Attempt To Trademark “Glass” Stalled By USPTO

April 7, 2014

Tweet After its successful application to trademark the term “Google Glass,” Google is now seeking to go even further by registering the world “Glass” as a trademark for its revolutionary eyewear. According to The Wall Street Journal, the tech giant is attempting to trademark the word when styled in the futuristic logo font used in [...]

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